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Welcome to the real cricket t20, complete, and strange overview of cricket-real cricket 20 20.

    We are committed to providing a rich cricket experience for cricket lovers.

    Aakash Vani

    English, Hindi, and other editing packages are well-known among other cricket commentators in the world.

    Challenge mode

    Be part of an epic battle from the history of cricket and complete the chase...your way.

    Road to World Cup and Road to RCPL

    Summarize the ultimate experience!  Rebirth and create your memories by playing all ODI World Cup publications and RCPL.

    SPECTATE-Stream your partner


    Save with your friends and provide interesting game features.

    Women reviews

    Real cricket scores for women and other comprehensive reviews.

    Creative game

    Suddenly, you will feel the contrast between different bats and their styles of play and collision types-defensive, balanced, aggressive and brutal, each with a huge cricket impact and hostility, which makes it a natural  Cricket game.

    Choose your favorite time!

    Choose between morning, afternoon, evening, dusk and evening, and experience different times of the day as the game progresses.

    Supersonic speed and beat

Check out the surrounding judges and LBW with the latest UV audit framework innovation that combines two hot spots (such as Snikometer).

    Real stage

    Experience the most active live arenas including Mumbai, Pune, Cape Town, Melbourne, London, Dubai, Wellington, and Kolkata.  Each arena that provides an extraordinary atmosphere provides a unique opportunity for the following activities.

Compatible For All

    Kick the ball from Batman’s eyes and feel it rushing towards you at 90 mph.  Save your structure and show your nerves in an emergency!

Game Method

    Cricket Genuine™ 20 has many competitions to choose from and participate in, including the 2019 World Cup, World Cup, Asian Cup, Champions League, Champions League, Under-19 World Cup and the best Premier League in the world.

    Cricket Premier League 

    A one-time mobile cricket match is planned to make customers interested in the RCPL auction, which builds their team and fights for the most popular trophy in the history of the Premier League!

    Test match

    Real Cricket™20 currently provides you with the longest and most perfect type of cricket, which matches the live game and game conditions, and provides new key alternatives and field configurations as well as the Cricket Pink ball test, bringing you under the light  The bizarre experience of playing cricket.  With a pink ball.

    Cricket Simulation 

    Let it stand out and stand out in a few intense minutes.  Six are no longer hit by the little cake.

    Extraordinary player faces

    Get an extraordinary team shirt with extraordinary player faces and numbers on the back!


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