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 Contact you as soon as possible and maintain good satisfaction.  The coolest cat and the greatest genius on the planet!

    My Talking Tom is the best pet game for the whole family.

    Players can always hug Tom and interact with him, make sure he gets enough food and rest, and take him to the cathedral to enjoy his laughter.

    -The game focuses on a variety of small games designed to improve skills, reflexes, and puzzle-solving skills-puzzle games, activity games, experienced games, and even games.  There is something for everyone!

    -Players cannot stop the goal from scoring!  Or on the other hand, Go Up's slingshot-the test will never end!

    Common justice: when Tom is thirsty, the players can take care of him, wash him when he is depressed, put him to sleep when he is empty, and take him to the cathedral when he... really has a chance to go.  They can see him become a serious happy cat!

    New mini-games: Some new games are not as bright as expected, including puzzle games, activity games, and the first game that reduces many Tom games!

    Explore new worlds: Tom’s planes are usually used to fill new universes.  Players can fly and bring good luck and pass it to Tom to dress or decorate his house.

    TOM pets: Yes, Tom still has one pet and four pets!  They all have appearance and characteristics.  Players can sit there and see what happened to them!

    Play for free!

    My Talking Tom 1 provides customers with a month-long elite event.


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