Google Chrome: Fast & Secure For Android Ios

The Chrome web browser is secretly Google Chrome is a fast, easy use and can access content blocked by your ISP, organization, or government.  Request to release and execute Orbot.

   Chrome Maintenance

    The Chrome browser maintains views through DuckDuckGo, StartPage (Ixquick), Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

    No first batch or external promotions or trackers are packaged in this app.  Your data will not be leaked.

    Chrome consistency

    Of course, LastPass can enter the password in Chrome.  Use consistent passwords to ensure security without any hassle.

    Video support in the app

    Click the video link, and the video player in the application will play the video.  If you leave the app, any prompts about this action will be eliminated.

    Selected page

    The main browsing event selected by the Chrome browser can be quickly switched between multiple open pages in an independent meeting.

    Download files, photos, and videos

    Chrome manager.

    Press the link to silently download the recording to the SD card.

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